FEI Tecnai Osiris S/TEM

FEI tecnai Osiris S/TEMFEI Tecnai Osiris (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscope

The Tecnai OsirisTM is a fully digital 200 kV S/TEM system, designed to deliver
revolutionary analytical performance and outstanding quality in TEM and STEM imaging.
Tecnai Osiris introduces for the first time the unique ChemiSTEMTM technology which
combines technical advances in beam generation with disruptive changes in EDX signal
detection. ChemiSTEM comprises the proprietary X-FEG high brightness electron source
and Super-X, FEI’s new EDX detection system based on Silicon Drift Detector (SDD)
technology, and achieves a factor of more than 50 enhancement in acquisition speed
of EDX chemical mappings. With ChemiSTEM the collection time for elemental maps in
fast mapping mode can be reduced from hours to minutes or from minutes to seconds,
compared to standard solutions. This gain in speed can also be used to collect EDX
elemental mappings from larger field-of-view in similar times, compared to standard

Core system technical highlights
• Fully digital 200 kV TEM and STEM system including the HAADF
• X-FEG high brightness Schottky FEG provides beam currents in the
range of Cold FEG and improves spatial resolution in analytics due
to smaller convergence angles
• Super-X windowless EDX detector system with SDD technology
significantly increases the detection efficiency and the sensitivity for
low-energy EDX counts and clears the way for really fast EDX data
collection and large field of view elemental mapping
• SmartCam digital search-and-view camera improves the handling
of all applications of the Tecnai Osiris and prepares it for remote
• Large combined dewar for Super-X and cold trap (about 4-day
cooling capacity) frees the user from daily liquid nitrogen refills and
• Workstation including 2x 24" widescreen LCD monitors and table
improves the operator comfort and allows relaxed working in an
ergonomic environment
• Double-tilt, high-visibility low-background specimen holder
maximizes the collection efficiency in combination with the
Super-X EDX detector system
• Automatic aperture system in combination with the SmartCam
prepares the instrument for remote operation
• Oil-free vacuum system ensures that contamination from any
pumping oil is eliminated