Faculty - Covey

David A. Covey, Associate Professor

David Covey

David A. Covey
Associate Professor

UNMC College of Dentistry
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
Rm. 123, 40th & Holdrege St.
Lincoln, Nebraska 68583-0740
Office: 402-472-1284

Research Interests

We have a research group that has a primary focus on the science of dental materials.  The demand for esthetic dental materials has never been greater and research and development of more predictable and longer lasting dental materials is at an all-time high.   The introduction of these new materials requires laboratory and clinical research on the safety, efficacy and various behavioral properties of these materials.

Examples of the types of research our team conducts on dental materials: Surface roughness, Gloss, Color, Mechanical properties, Bonding properties, Bonding properties, Surface Hardness, Interface MIcroleakage

Types of dental materials our research team evaluate: Dental  amalgam, Composite resins, Glass ionomer cements, Implants, Ceramics


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