Central Facilities

NCMN Central Facility for Mechanical
and Materials Characterization

NCMN operates and coordinates seven Central Facilities that are open to all UNL researchers as well as external (private sector) researchers. The Central Facility for Mechanical and Materials Characterization is one of these facilities. To learn more about our facility, please go to our Research web page.

This facility contains a large variety of equipment to characterize the mechanical and physical properties of a wide range of materials. The facility focuses on using the many materials characterization aspects to perform failure analyses on components. Samples can be analyzed to determine the failure mode, and solutions to prevent further problems. Samples can be also prepared for the Electron Microscopy or X-ray Diffraction Facilities, if necessary.

The Facility is equipped with:

  • ·         A new DSC 204 F1 Phoenix Differential Scanning Calorimeter thermal analysis system.  The DSC 204 F1 has a temperature range of -175° C to 700° C which allows the measurement of; melting temperatures, melting enthalpy, crystallization temperatures, crystallization enthalpy, transition enthalpies, phase transformations, phase diagrams and other thermal properties.
  • ·        An Olympus BX51 polarizing microscope which includes differential interference contrast capabilities is available for sample viewing, and image analysis capabilities. Photographs may be taken as computer image using a DP73 digital camera in transmission and reflection modes.
  • ·        A Mettler Toledo FP900 thermal system with a FP 82 microscope hot stage to observe the thermal behavior of a sample under a microscope.  The temperature range of the stage is room temperature to 375° C
  • ·        Through the Mechanical Engineering department the facility has access to a wide variety of mechanical testing systems.  Mechanical testing facilities include hardness testing equipment such as regular and superficial Rockwell, Knoop, and Vickers testers. Other testing facilities include a MTS 20,000 lb. servo-hydraulic material testing system, an Instron 10,000 lb. tensile testing machine, Satec 400,000 lb. machine, and Tinius-Olson instrumented Charpy impact and torsion testers.


Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience

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                             Steve Michalski, Facility Specialist


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