Outreach / Education - K-12 Teachers

Outreach / Education – K-12 Teachers

Preservice Teacher Training

Teacher Workshop 2015
Teacher Workshop 2015
Teacher Workshop 2015
Teacher Workshop 2015

NCMN complimented efforts by UNL’s College of Education and Human Sciences by providing nanoscience related resources for preservice teacher training. Students used NCMN Nanokits to prepare lessons themed around nanoscientists for a K-3 elementary school summer camp. Curriculum units were made that either built to a cumulative nano lesson or lessons that integrated nano throughout. The students taught and then made modifications to their lessons based on their own learning experiences. Preservice teachers visiting from a South Korea exchange program observed their American counterparts in action and had an opportunity to also learn about how nanotechnology is used in improving circuits, creating invisibility, and cleaning water.

Professional Development Workshop

Teacher Workshop 2016
Teacher Workshop 2016
Teacher Workshop 2016
Teacher Workshop 2016
Preservice teachers from education programs at UNL participated in the annual "Hands-On Nanoscience" NCMN workshop covering topics like "Planck's Constant with LEDs," "Organic Solar Cells," "Squishy Circuits, Batteries and other Electronics." Steve Wignall, Seward High School science teacher, provided teaching and one-on-one coaching on how to use the kits to enrich and support current nanoscience curriculum.
Workshop Leaders Contact Information:
Stephen Ducharme - sducharme1@unl.edu
Steven Wignall - steve.wignall@connectseward.org

Nebraska Teacher Conferences

Teacher Science Fair 1
Teacher Science Fair 2
Dr. Zheng at NATS Conference 2011
Terese Janovec at NATS conference
•  Nebraska Association for Teachers of Science (NATS)

NCMN participated in the annual Nebraska Association of Teachers of Science conference at Fremont, Nebraska this fall where UNL faculty and NCMN staff presented information about nanoscience through hands on activities, demos, and resources. Some of the topics included carbon nanostructures, DNA, ferrofluids, magnetism, and emerging nanomaterials. One of NCMN's outreach goals is to help teachers integrate nanoscience into their classrooms while achieving state science standards. Please see information under our Professional Development Workshop links below, our Teacher Resources, and Nebraska State Science Standards.

•  Nebraska Association for the Gifted Conference

STEM/Nano concepts were shared in February at the NAG Conference for over 400 teachers and educators. We showcased our nanokits at an informational booth and provided practical ideas and hands on activities supporting the ‘nano awareness’ learning process.

•  The Nebraska Chapter of the American Association of Physics Teachers

Professors Steve Ducharme, Christian Binek, and Axel Enders are some of the NCMN faculty members from the Department of Physics & Astronomy who have been invited as guest speakers to Nebraska – AAPT meetings. Topics covered were Cooperative Problem Solving, Magnetic Nanoparticles, Statistical Physics, and Magnetic Metal/Insulator Heterosystems, and Self-Assembly of Nanostructures.

•  Teacher Science Fair

We had the opportunity to resource over 100 Lincoln Public School science teachers with STEM/Nano related information at their annual pre-term meeting in Morrill Hall on UNL’s City Campus. NCMN, partnered with MRSEC to provide handouts, interactive materials, and other tools to share with teachers.

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