Technical information

Rigaku SmartLab Diffractometer
3kW Cu Kα source
Cross Beam Optics (CBO) for parallel beam and Bragg-Brentano configurations
In-plane arm for the detector
Scintillation Counter and D/Tex Ultra detectors
Ge(220)x2 and Ge(220)x4 monochrmator and analyzer
10 position sample chamber
SAXS slit and vacuum beam path
Guidance software for automatic alignment and measurement
Horizontal sample mount

Bruker D8 Discover
Cu Kα source
Vantec-500 area detector and Scintillation counter
Centric 1/4-circle Eulerian cradle
Anton-Paar domed hot stage (DHS 900)
Laser/video sample-alignment system
Parallel beam geometry with Göbel mirror
Dual-beam path analyzer module
Capillary diffraction
Spatial scan of sample
Vertical sample mount

PANalytical Empyrean
3 kW Cu Kα source
Bragg-Brentano focusing geometry
PIXcel 3D detector
45 position Automatic Sample Changer
Horizontal sample mount

Rigaku D/Max-B
1.8 kW Co Kα source
Vertical sample mount
Bragg-Brentano focusing
Scintillation counter

Rigaku Multiflex Diffractometer
2 kW Cu Kα source
Bragg-Brentano focusing
Horizontal sample mount
Diffracted beam monochromator

Bruker Smart Apex (Single Crystal Diffractometer)
Mo Kα radiation
Graphite monochromator with pinhole collimator
Fixed Chi, 3-axis goniometer
Smart Apex CCD camera
Oxford Instruments Cryostream cooler for 100 – 400 K