Faculty - Soukup

Rodney Soukup, Henson Professor Emeritus

Rodney Soukup

Rodney Soukup
Henson Professor Emeritus

Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
212N Walter Scott Engineering Center
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0511
Office: 402-472-3771

Research Interests

The current research is involved with the deposition and study of semiconductor films. Thin films of silicon carbide with the addition small amounts of germanium are the basis of one study. A new thrust of this research is the growth of graphene, single atomic layer graphite. This work is supported by AFOSR with additional assistance in measurements from ARL in Adelphi, MD. Collaboration with researchers at the University of California Los Angeles has begun on the graphene project.

Another project is the study of chalcopyrite thin films for solar cell applications. The concentration of this work has been on copper-indium-diselenide with the substitution of small amounts of gallium, aluminum, or boron for some of the indium in order to create higher bandgaps for a closer match to the solar spectrum at the earth's surface. This work is supported by DOE and NRI. An additional material, iron sulfide is also under study. Collaboration of long standing is with colleagues at the University of Nebraska at Kearney.

Support for the iron sulfide and the new tin sulfide is from the Nebraska Center for Energy Sciences Research.

Recent Publications

  • J. Olejnícek, C. A. Kamler, A. Mirasano, A. L. Martinez-Skinner, M. A. Ingersoll, C. L. Exstrom, S. A. Darveau, J. L. Huguenin-Love, M. Diaz, N. J. Ianno, and R. J. Soukup, "A Non-Vacuum Process for Preparing Nanocrystalline CuIn1-xGaxSe2 Materials Involving an open-Air Solvothermal Reaction, "Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 94, 8 - 11 (2010).
  • J. Huguenin-Love, N. T. Lauer, R. J. Soukup, N. J. Ianno, Š Kment, and Z. Hubicka, The Deposition of 3C-SiC Thin Films onto the (111) and (110) Faces of Si using Pulsed Sputtering of a Hollow Cathode," Mat. Sci. Forum 245 - 248, 131 -134 (2010).
  • C. A. Kamler, R. J. Soukup, N. J. Ianno, J. L. Huguenin-Love, J. Olejní?ek, S. A. Darveau, and C. L. Exstrom, "Thin Films Formed by Selenization of CuInxB1-x Precursors in Se Vapor," Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 93, 45-50 (2009).
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  • J. Olejnícek, S. A. Darveau, C. L. Exstrom, R. J. Soukup, N. J. Ianno, C. A. Kamler, and J. L. Huguenin-Love, "Problems with Synthesis of Chalcopyrite CuIn1-xBxSe2," Mat. Sci. Forum 609, 33 -36 (2009).
  • R. J. Soukup, N. J. Ianno, J. L. Huguenin-Love, N. T. Lauer, T. Hoffmann, and Z. Hubika, "Epitaxial Deposition of SiC onto 4H SiC using a Hollow Cathode", ECS Transactions, 16, (7), 201 - 210 (2008).
  • R. J. Soukup, N. J. Ianno, and J. L. Huguenin-Love, "Analysis of Semiconductor Thin Films Deposited using a Hollow Cathode Plasma Torch", Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 91, 1383-1387 (2007).
  • N. J. Ianno, R. J. Soukup, G.Pribil and Z. Hubicka, “Deposition of High Quality Silicon, Germanium and Silicon-Germanium Thin Films by a Hollow Cathode Reactive Sputtering System", Surface and Coatings Technol. 177-178, 676 (2004).
  • Z. Hubicka, G. Pribil, R. J. Soukup, and N. J. Ianno, “Investigations of the RF and DC Hollow Cathode Plasma-Jet Sputtering Systems for the Deposition of Amorphous Silicon Thin Films”, Surface and Coatings Technol. 160, 114 (2002).


  • James Huguenin-Love, PhD (8/13/10) - UNL
  • D. R. Konz is employed at Boeing in St. Louis
  • G. Pribil is employed at J.A. Woollam Co. in Lincoln
  • Jason Schrader, Intel, Hillsboro, OR
  • Noel Lauer, PhD - UNL
  • Chad Kamler, PhD - UNL
  • Ronald Chirinos