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The Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (NCMN) & the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility (NNF) Symposium will be held on Wednesday and Thursday, December 11 and 12 at the Nebraska Union located on City Campus at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The symposium “Nanomagnetism: Finding tools for a problem and problems for a tool” will bring NNCI researchers, users, specialists, and invited speakers together to contrast problem driven and tool driven research approaches in Nanomagnetism. Attendance of NNCI affiliates will be limited to allow for effective interaction between the participants. Travel support on a first come first serve basis will be provided.

*Please note that all time slots for presentations are now full. Participants are still welcome to attend, but will be unable to present or receive financial support.*

The Symposium

Modern questions in nanomagnetism include proximity and confinement effects, tailored multi-functionalities, topological orders and associated transport phenomena, and applications ranging from ultra-low power memory and logic to energy and quantum technologies. We will discuss ways to address those and other timely subjects in nanomagnetism by selecting the appropriate NNCI fabrication and characterization tools including those at NNF. Conversely, we will explore the tool driven approach which starts from powerful fabrication and/or characterization facilities and matches their capabilities with modern subjects in nanomagnetism. We will also be acknowledging the life-time achievements of Prof. Dave Sellmyer - founder of NCMN, first director of NNF, and father of nanomagnetism in Nebraska.

Contact Information

Shelli Krupicka
Administrative Coordinator


Terese Janovec
Education/Outreach Coordinator

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