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NCMN Members Receive UNL Parents Award
Voelte-Keegan building

Srivatsan Kidambi, Mehrdad Negahban, and Michael Sealy received the UNL Parents Recognition Award. The annual award is earned through nominations made from parents of UNL students. (2/10/17)

Sinitskii & Team Boost Performance of Nanomaterial
Sinitskii nanomaterial

Alexander Sinitskii, 2015 NCMN graduate fellow Alexey Lipatov, and team have published their findings on MXenes in Advanced Energy Materials. MXenes are a family of nanomaterials which have shown promise for storing energy, purifying water and protecting against electromagnetic interference. (2/6/17)

Sinitskii Fabricates Nanoribbon Computer Chips
Alexander Sinitskii

The January issue of Solid State Technology: Insights for Electronics Manufacturing covered recent advances in fabricating graphene nanoribbons for use as computer chips. Alexander Sinitskii is a leader in the research effort. (2/3/17)

Sellmyer Guest Curator at Sheldon
David Sellmyer

David Sellmyer was an invited guest curator for Sheldon's exhibit "15 Photographs, 15 Curators." The guest curators picked a single image that generated a personal response out of nearly 3,000 photographs. Sellmyer chose a photo by Robert Morris Cohen because of its similarity to nanostructured materials. (2/1/17)

Zeng Cover Article Trio
Nanoscale Horizons

Research by Xiao Cheng Zeng and colleagues was featured as the cover article of Nanoscale Horizons, the cover article on Advanced Energy Materials, and the cover article on Journal of the American Chemical Society. (1/20/17)

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David Berkowitz

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