Rajca Named AAAS Fellow
Andrzej Rajca

Andrzej Rajca has been named an AAAS fellow for distinguished contributions to organic magnetic materials, particularly for the development of high-spin organic molecules and the first organic polymer with magnetic ordering. (11/23/15)

Berkowitz Named AAAS Fellow
David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz has been named an AAAS fellow for distinguished contributions to chemical biology and synthetic chemistry, particularly for developing innovative tools to advance research on asymmetric synthesis and enzymology. (11/23/15)

NCMN Collaboration Leads to National Student Research Award
Voelte-Keegan building

South Dakota State University student Simeon Gilbert won a first place award at the Sigma Xi national conference. Gilbert, in collaboration with NCMN's nano-magnetic group, tested the properties of a semiconductor material that helps reduce the power needed for computer memory. (11/18/15)

Kidambi Uses Polymer Film to Mimic Tumors
Srivatsan Kidambi

Srivatsan Kidambi and colleagues have used a polymer-based film to assemble cell cultures without the need of adhesive proteins, which could accelerate the testing of cancer treatments and has already revealed a potential source of the body’s resistance to a therapeutic drug. (11/9/15)

New NCMN Member
Jian Wang

NCMN welcomes a new faculty member: Jian Wang, associate professor in the Department of Mechanical & Materials Engineering. (11/6/15)

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Stephen Ducharme
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