FEI Nova NanoSEM 450

The Nova NanoSEM™ scanning electron microscope delivers best in class imaging and analytical performance in a single, easy-to-use instrument. With Nova NanoSEM you can easily switch instrument conditions based on types of samples you are investigating or types of analytical work you need to perform.

  • Expand your research capabilities by handling a wider range of sample types
  • High resolution imaging – low voltage [1kV] resolution is 1.8nm in low vacuum mode and 1.4 nm in high vacuum mode, so users can still experience all the benefits offered by low vacuum imaging without having to sacrifice resolution in their images
  • Both a high current beam (essential for rapid EDS/analytical research) and high resolution at high and low voltage which is essential for image quality across a wide range of sample type
  • Strong performance in low vacuum mode gives you more analytical power – when you need top quality analytical data on samples like glass, ceramics or other non-conductive materials
  • A new QUANTAX micro-XRF has been installed on the NOVA NanoSEM in 2016. The new XRF system provides the ability to detect trace elements in samples. For details about micro-XRF, please click here.
FEI nova NanoSEM 450