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7 NCMN Faculty Receive Parents’ Recognition Awards
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Parents’ Recognition Awards are earned via nomination of faculty from the parents of their students. They provide positive feedback to faculty, encourage good student/faculty relationships, and provide recognition to outstanding educators. This years NCMN recipients are: Barry Cheung, Jian Zhang, Shireen Adenwalla, Eveline Baesu, Michael Sealy, Joseph Turner, and Angela Pannier. (2/8/18)

Researchers develop material gradient models that could strengthen polymer-based components
Mehrdad Negahban

Mehrdad Negahban, Li Tan, and Wenlong Li - along with researchers from France and China - have developed a model that can map an optimal gradient onto a structure and calculate the resulting performance improvement. (2/6/18)

Zeng's research makes local news
Xiao Cheng Zeng

Xiao Cheng Zeng's research on ice formation on certain surfaces was featured in the Lincoln Journal Star this week. (1/26/18)

Researchers make advancements in the field of soft robotics
Stephen Morin

Stephen Morin and his colleagues have developed a technique that helps rubber and plastic stick together, simplifying the processes that drive movement in soft robotics and enable chemical analyses on microscopic scales. (1/9/18)

Gu and colleagues seek to improve energy absorbing tubing to boost vehicle safety
Linxia Gu

Linxia Gu and colleagues are working to combine the best qualities of different designs of energy absorbing tubing that could improve the design of certain automobile components, helping to reduce injury risk in the event of a crash. (12/6/17)

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