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EQUATE project feature of WebMD article

Leaders of the EQUATE projectThe EPSCoR-EQUATE project (funded by a $20 million NSF grant) was the topic of a recent WebMD news article. The article highlighted Nebraska's unique position in the 'Silicon Prairie' to build a qualified workforce of quantum experts between the coasts. Christian Binek was interviewed and discussed the importance of the quantum science revolution and some of the advances in electronics, lasers, and medicine this grant will support. (6/9/21)

Streubel team advances understanding, control of magnetic droplets

Robert StreubelIn 2019, a team that included Robert Streubel managed to endow liquid droplets with permanent magnetism, partly by embedding them with tens of billions of iron oxide nanoparticles. Now, the team has shown the ability to tailor the magnetic properties of those droplets in multiple ways. The researchers were especially interested in learning how to tailor the magnetic properties of the droplets and, by extension, gain greater control over their movement. See the study. (6/8/21)

Recent publications: Streubel and Tsymbal

Robert Streubel (right) and Evgeny Tsymbal (left)Robert Streubel and Evgeny Tsymbal are co-authors of a perspective published in the Journal of Applied Physics titled, Magnetism in curved geometries.
Streubel is also co-author of a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA titled, Ferromagnetic liquid droplets with adjustable magnetic properties. (6/1/21)

Morin demonstrates control over the transport of microscopic droplets

Stephen MorinBy stretching and relaxing their specially designed films, Nebraska chemists Stephen Morin and Ali Mazaltarim have demonstrated unprecedented control over the movement of liquid droplets on flat surfaces. That control could make the technique useful in self-cleaning materials, water harvesting and other applications. See the study. (5/28/21)

Kim awarded Nebraska Environmental Trust grant

Seunghee KimSeunghee Kim was one of 23 Nebraska researchers who received a 2021 grant from the Nebraska Environmental Trust. Kim received $196,467 for his work to assess greenhouse gas sequestration resources in Districts 5, 6 and 7 to improve carbon management opportunities in Nebraska. (5/25/21)

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