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Alexandrov & colleagues detail technique that could promote recycling of CO2

Vitaly Alexandrov Vitaly Alexandrov and colleagues have detailed a catalyst-based technique that can double the amount of carbon dioxide that can be converted to ethylene, which is an essential component of the world’s most common plastic, polyethylene. This process could promote the recycling of CO2 as an alternative to fossil fuels when making plastic - helping to offset the CO2 emissions that contribute to global climate change. (6/5/18)

Zeng team develops equation for designing clean-energy catalysts

Xiao Cheng Zeng Xiao Cheng Zeng and colleagues have identified previously overlooked factors critical to the performance of single-atom catalysts and used them to create a simple equation that should allow researchers to easily predict how the choice of atom and its surrounding material will affect catalytic performance. (5/30/18)

UNL home to new hybrid 3-D printers

3-D printer housed in the NEAT labs UNL’s Scott Engineering Center is now home to three unique hybrid 3-D printers that can add and subtract materials to create complex designs. The Nebraska Engineering Additive Technology (NEAT) Labs will provide researchers and students with endless possibilities for projects affecting a plethora of fields and industries. Click here to learn more about the NEAT Labs and the new instruments. (5/24/18)

Sellmyer Honored at MRS Meeting

David J. Sellmyer The Spring MRS Meeting in Phoenix hosted a five-day Symposium “Nanoscale Magnetic Structures and Materials,” which was organized by friends and colleagues of David Sellmyer to celebrate his many achievements and contributions to the field. Some 30 outstanding invited talks were presented by speakers including Stuart Parkin (Halle), Claudia Felser (Dresden), Ivan Schuller (UCSD), Michael Coey (Dublin), Sara Majetich (CMU), Shouheng Sun (Brown), J.P. Wang (MN), B. Koopmans (Eindhoven), Y. Hou (Beijing), Arun Gupta (Alabama), Axel Hoffmann (ANL), and others. Current and former Nebraska colleagues and speakers included: Ralph Skomski, Jeff Shield, George Hadjipanayis, Toshi Matsui, Damien LeRoy, Yunlong Jin, and co-organizers J. Ping Liu and Hao Zeng. A banquet on April 3 featured excellent food and several roasts with good-natured ridicule. (5/18/18).

Rajurkar awarded 2018 M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal

Dr. K.P. Rajurkar The 2018 M. Eugene Merchant Manufacturing Medal of ASME/SME is being awarded to K.P. Rajurkar “for pioneering contributions to enhance the productivity of nontraditional machining processes used in automobile, aerospace and medical device manufacturing, including electrical discharge machining and electrochemical machining at macro, micro and nanoscales, through extensive research in process modeling and in sensing and control techniques.” (5/4/18)

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