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Dzenis team makes breakthroughs studying high-performance fibers

Yuris DzenisYuris Dzenis and colleagues have made some new discoveries while studying the failure of high-performance fibers found in body armor and aerospace engineering. The team devised a way to analyze the failures of the polymer fibers that avoided the perturbations that invalidated measurements captured by other techniques. The study was recently featured on the cover of ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. (5/20/20)

NCMN faculty receive promotions, tenure

University of Nebraska logoFour NCMN faculty members received promotions/tenure this year. Bai Cui (MME) and Prahalada Rao (MME) were both promoted to associate professor and granted tenure. Yusong Li (CEE) and Alexander Sinitskii (CHEM) were both promoted to full professor. Congratulations! (5/15/20)

Hage, Hu receive College Distinguished Teaching Award

University of Nebraska logoDavid Hage and Jiong Hu have been chosen to receive the College Distinguished Teaching Award, a $1,000 stipend in recognition of excellent teaching. Each year, 15 faculty across campus are chosen, based on recommendations from their college. (5/4/20)

NCMN faculty in national news, April 2020

University of Nebraska logoTwo of our faculty members made national news in April. Yiqi Yang was quoted in a Wall Street Journal article discussing the efficacy of DIY face masks. The research of Xia Hong and colleagues was featured in and The researchers recently discovered unusual light-filtering effects in a nanoscopic structure that could spur the development of smaller, smarter optical filters. (5/4/20)

‘Strange effect’ raises possibility of smaller, smarter optical filters

Xia HongXia Hong and colleagues have discovered a ‘strange trick’ while studying how the optical behavior of single-layer molybdenum disulfide responded when it was placed atop a ferroelectric material called lead zirconate titanate, or PZT. Instead of observing second-harmonic generation uniformly across the surface, the team noticed that certain segments were boosting the phenomenon even as others dampened it. This discovery could spur the development of smaller, more versatile optical filters that are especially adept at playing with a trick of the light. Among the co-authors were two other NCMN faculty: Yongfeng Lu and Evgeny Tsymbal. (4/29/20)

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