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Hage, Yang receive Family and Friends Recognition Award

University of Nebraska-Lincoln logoDavid Hage and Ruiguo Yang are two of 75 recipients of the 2020-2021 Family and Friends award. The Family and Friends Awards, formerly known as the Parents’ Recognition Awards, recognize faculty and staff who have made a significant difference in students’ lives. All nominations are submitted by parents, family and friends of students who include a short explanation of why this person was nominated. This is a first-time award for both professors. (4/12/21)

Binek, Dowben, Gruverman team makes breakthrough with antiferromagnetic material

A rendering of the opposing magnetic poles in a so-called antiferromagnetAfter years of toil, a team led by Christian Binek, Peter Dowben, and Alexei Gruverman have developed a quantum material whose magnetic states can be altered by electric means alone, and above room temperature. The antiferromagnetic material - chromium oxide with a dash of boron - has properties that could make it a practical candidate for drastically improving the power consumption and speed of digital memory. The study was published in Nature Communications. (4/5/21)

Dishari receives 3M Award

Shudipto DishariShudipto Dishari has received the 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award for 2021. This highly competitive award recognizes the outstanding young faculty across the U.S. who excel in STEM research, academic leadership and experience, and is designed to help them achieve tenure by providing an unrestricted gift of $15,000 per year for up to three years. (4/5/21)

Ndao article in top 100 downloads in 2020

Sidy NdaoSidy Ndao's article - NanoThermoMechanical AND and OR Logic Gates - received 2,191 downloads in 2020, placing it as one of the top 100 downloaded physics papers for Scientific Reports in 2020. The journal published more than 800 physics papers in 2020. (4/1/21)

Iverson featured in "She's a Scientist" series

Nicole IversonNicole Iverson, assistant professor of biological systems engineering, was featured in University Communications "She's a Scientist" video series this week. Iverson is currently working to develop nanoscopic sensors aimed at detecting earlier hints of disease at the cellular level. (3/26/21)

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