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Pannier earns Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists & Engineers

Angela PannierAngela Pannier was one of two UNL faculty members to be awarded the most prestigious governmental award for early career researchers. Pannier was nominated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for her work on over ten projects relating to biomaterials and gene delivery systems. Congratulations, Prof. Pannier! (7/5/19)

A look at Yang’s greener dyeing technique

Yiqi YangYiqi Yang and colleagues have been working to find a more environmentally friendly way to dye plant-based fabrics. The team has found that by dissolving dyes in cottonseed oil (instead of water) they can use less dye, reuse more dye, they don’t need to use salts, can get the same colors as with other techniques, and the waste produced contains mostly biodegradable products. (6/20/19)

Sellmyer book among top 25% most downloaded eBooks

Cover of 'Nanoscale Magnetic Materials and Applications'Nanoscale Magnetic Materials and Applications, Springer 2009, edited by J.P. Liu, E. Fullerton, O. Gutfleisch, and D.J. Sellmyer. Since its online publication, there have been a total of 64598 chapter downloads for this eBook on SpringerLink. The book is among the top 25% most downloaded eBooks in 2018. (6/17/19)

Pannier featured on Faculty 101 podcast

Angela Pannier In the last Faculty 101 podcast of the season, Chancellor Ronnie Green takes over as host and interviews professor of biological systems engineering, Angela Pannier. (5/6/19)

Researchers pinpoint potential cause of low testosterone

David HageStudies suggest that men taking opioid drugs or those with Type 2 diabetes are likely to see a drop in their testosterone levels. Virginia researchers partnered with David Hage and his team to investigate how testosterone and other drugs bind to serum albumin - a common protein in blood and known transporter of hormones, drugs, etc., through the bloodstream. Hage’s specialty is analyzing how biological components interact with drugs and hormones under physiological conditions - and his team is studying various conditions under which testosterone binds to serum albumin, in the hope of informing the prescription of medications and the development of new ones. (4/29/19)

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Faculty Spotlight: Shireen Adenwalla

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