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Wang named Brimacombe Medalist

Jian WangJian Wang, mechanical and materials engineering, was named a Brimacombe Medalist by the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society. This is a mid-career award that recognizes individuals with sustained excellence and achievement in business, technology, education, public policy or science related to materials science and engineering, and with a record of continuing service to the profession. Wang was selected for outstanding service and contributions to the fundamental understanding of the mechanical behaviors of nanostructured metallic materials and hexagonal close-packed, or HCP, metals. (5/8/23)

Top Sponsored Awards, March 2023

University of Nebraska-Lincoln 'N' logoThe following awards from public entities include grants of $200,000 or more between Feb. 16 and March 15, 2023, as reported through NUgrant:

C. Zuhlke, Christos Argyropoulos, G. Gogos, Ned Ianno, Jeff Shield; $667,240; Department of Defense-Office of Naval Research-Defense University Research Instrumentation Program; DURIP High Power Laser

Eva Schubert, Christos Argyropoulos; $567,000; NSF; Chiral Interactions with Metamaterials (5/8/23)

Team IDs emergence of surprising layers in nanomaterial

Lucia Fernández-Ballester Lucía Fernández-Ballester and her team have observed never-before-seen intricacies of the crystallization of a polymer known as P3HT. By melting P3HT and watching it cool through the lenses of light and X-rays, the team discovered hidden depths that can solidify and crystallize in different ways, which can alter the transport of electric charges. The team reported its findings in the journal Macromolecules, which featured the study on the cover of its most recent issue. (5/1/23)

Kidambi, Lu named 2023 NSRI fellows

Srivatsan Kidambi on right and Yongfeng Lu on left.Srivatsan Kidambi, chemical and biomolecular engineering, and Yongfeng Lu, electrical and computer engineering, have been named to the 2023 cohort of the National Strategic Research Institute. The institute is a University-affiliated research center designated by the Department of Defense and sponsored by U.S. Strategic Command. More than 140 researchers across the NU system serve as NSRI fellows, contributing their expertise, talent, and foresight to form multidisciplinary teams that develop solutions for complex problems. (4/26/23)

NCMN faculty receive promotion, tenure

Seunghee Kim, Siamak Nejati, Rebbeca Lai, and Wen Qian.Four NCMN faculty members will receive promotion and/or tenure in 2023. Seunghee Kim, civil and environmental engineering, and Siamak Nejati, chemical and biomolecular engineering, were promoted to Associate Professor and granted tenure. Rebecca Lai, chemistry, is promoted to Full Professor. And Wen Qian, mechanical and materials engineering, is promoted to Research Associate Professor. Congratulations to all! (4/19/22)



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Portrait of Dr. Abdelghani Laraoui.

Faculty Spotlight: Abdelghani Laraoui

Dr. Abdelghani Laraoui is an assistant professor in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering at UNL. Dr. Laraoui’s primary research focuses on developing new quantum materials based on color centers in diamond (NV, SiV, GeV), and defects in wide-bandgap semiconductors (SiC, GaN, ZnO) and two dimensional materials (hBN, TMDs) for applications in quantum sensing and quantum information processing. Read more about Dr. Laraoui's current research in the latest installment of our newsletter Interfaces.