Xingzhong Li

Facility Specialist
Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience
University of Nebraska
JH 033H
Lincoln, NE 68588-0656

Office phone: (402) 472-8762
Fax: (402) 472-2879

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Xingzhong Li

Current Research Interests

* TEM study on magnetic thin films
* Computer programs for electron diffraction and crystallography
* HREM and electron diffraction study of crystal structures


* Best poster prize for physics/material sciences(1998), Scandem98 conference, Espoo/Helsinki, Finland.
* Research fellowship (1994-1995), Alexander von Humboldt (AvH) Foundation.
* Youth scientist award (1993), Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Selected Publications

X.Z. LI, "Computer Programs for Unit-cell Determination in Electron Diffraction Experiments," Ultramicroscopy, in press (2004).

X.Z. LI, V. Hansen, J. Gjonnes and L.R. Wallenberg "HREM Study and structure modeling of the eta-prim phase, the hardening precipitates in commercial Al-Zn-Mg alloys," Acta Mater., 47, 2651-2659 (1999).

X. Z. Li, K. Hiraga and K. Yubuta, "Structure of Al-Rh-Cu Decagonal Quasicrystal: I. A unit-cell approach," Physica. B, 240, 330-337 (1997).

Al-Rh-Cu decagonal quasicrystal
A high-resolution structure image of the Al-Rh-Cu decagonal quasicrystal.
For details about the image, please refers paper "Structure of the Al-Rh-Cu Decagonal Quasicrystal Studied by High-Resolution Electron Microscopy" in Phil. Mag. Lett., 74, 247-252(1996).

X. Z. Li, J. M. Dubois and K. H. Kuo, "Two-colour Penrose Tiling," Phil. Mag. Lett., 69, 93-98 (1994).

X. Z. Li, D. Shi and K. H. Kuo, "Structure of Al3Mn, an Orthorhombic Approximant of the Decagonal Quasicrystal," Phil. Mag., B66, 331-340 (1992).


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Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

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