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AJA ATC-ORION 8000 E-beam Evaporation System


The AJA ATC-ORION 8000 E-beam evaporator is a performance UHV thin film deposition system. The system contains four material pockets for deposition of single and multi-layer films without breaking vacuum. The substrate holder can handle substrates up to 4 inches in diameter and allow simultaneous rotation. It also can be heated up to 850 °C in suitable environment. A load-lock chamber allows quick removal and insertion of samples without venting the chamber. The quartz crystal thickness monitor ensures the precise control of the deposited film thickness.

Equipment Specification:
  • UHV conditions (Base pressure: ~ 3·10-9 Torr)
  • 4 evaporation sources
  • Max wafe size: 100mm (4 inch)
  • Substrate rotation and heating (up to 850°C)
  • Quartz crystal thickness monitor
Training Material:

Current Targets inside the System
Pocket Position1234


Ti SiO2 Au Cr


Hong Xu Hong and Dowben Sinitskii