NCMN NanoFab Equipment - FIB

FEI Strata 200xp Focused-Ion Beam (FIB) Workstation


Featuring FEI's 30 kV focused Ga+ ion column, this focused ion beam (FIB) system is a versatile tool for performing work at the nanoscale. The most powerful capability of FIB is precisely controlled milling, which allows the freedom to manipulate the sample such as create a cross-section, remove material from selected region or create any possible shape in various substrates and materials as "carved in stone". It is a superb general purpose tool for high aspect ratio probe milling, grain structure analysis, circuit modification and failure analysis, defect characterization, fabrication of nano-patterns, and other related applications.

Equipment Specification:
  • Single Ga Ion beam system
  • Accelerating energy range: 5 - 30 keV
  • Beam current range: 1 pA - 11.5 nA
  • Less than 50 nm minimum resolution in milling and patterning
  • Two complimentary gas injection systems (GIS) for Pt deposition and selective carbon milling
Training Material: