NCMN NanoFab Equipment - DRIE

Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Deep RIE System

Deep reactive-ion etching (DRIE) is a newly developed technique for high aspect-ratio etching applications such as creating deep penetration, steep-sided holes and trenches in wafers/substrates, which requires smooth side wall at high etching rate.  The PlasmaPro System can satisfy this requirement because its unique design makes it possible to run both Bosch™ and Cryo etch technologies in the same chamber.  Bosch™ process provides high etch rate while Cryo etch technique ensures the smooth side wall.
Equipment Specification:
  • Max RF power: 2500W-ICP; 600W-RIE
  • Working Gas: CF4, C4F8, CHF3, SF6, O2, Ar
  • Max wafer size: 4 inch (100 mm)
  • Low temperature silicon etching (Cryogenic process)
  • Anisotropic etching of silicon and silicon oxide (Bosch process)
Training Material: