Online Instrument Sign-Up Calendar

Please use the new NCMN – Facility Online Manager for instrument signup. See instrument status below.

Anyone may view the sign-up calendar for instrument availability (see below), but to add/edit a reservation you must have an authorized user account (with user id and password). These accounts are supplied to each user once they have successfully completed the instrument and radiation safety training. Please contact the facility specialist to begin this process.

Contact Shah Valloppilly for special instrumentation requests such as High Temperature set-up, Detector reconfiguration (0D - 2D), monochromators, Automatic sample exchanger, etc.

Users who fail to renew their dosimetry on an yearly basis in compliance with EHS regulations will be forbidden from using the NCMN diffractometers and will need to contact the specialist and the EHS to reinstate their access.

Acknowledgement Text

Agencies including NSF and the University providing partial support of our Nebraska Nanoscale Facilities and NCMN Facilities require that the following words be included at the end of any Acknowledgement section of a paper in which experimental work was done in NNF-NCMN facilities:

The research was performed in part in the Nebraska Nanoscale Facility: National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure and the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience, which are supported by the National Science Foundation under Award ECCS: 1542182, and the Nebraska Research Initiative.

Sign-Up Calendar

Procedure for making an instrument reservation:
  1. Bring up the online calendar by clicking one of the buttons above and log in to the facility instrument sign-up calendar by clicking the "log in" link on the right side of the calendar. Remember that it is case-sensitive.
  2. You can view the current week or the current month by toggling between "week" and "month" on the left side of the calendar display. Also, you may jump to a specific week by entering the date directly. ** Note that reservations can be made a maximum of 3 weeks in advance.
  3. You can also toggle between viewing each day in 24-hour mode or the default 8am to 7pm mode by clicking the (toogle) in the upper-right portion of the calendar display.
  4. Add your reservation by clicking the available time-cell corresponding to the start time of your reservation. This brings up the "Add Event" window. Specify the end date and time of your reservation (in units of 15 minutes minimum). Click the "Submit" button.
  5. If your reservation does not conflict with an existing reservation, then the calendar should now show that the time you reserved is blocked out, with your name on it.
  6. You may return at any time to modify this reservation by clicking on your name inside the reservation, and then selecting either the delete (delete) or edit (edit) buttons. You can perform these modifications only if you are logged in as the user that made the reservation.
  7. PLEASE DO NOT USE EXPIRED OR INVALID COST OBJECT NUMBERS. Consult your Principal Investigator to obtain a valid COST OBJECT NUMBER .
  8. If the user needs to use the instrument beyond the time signed up, add the extra time in the calendar or inform the specialist immediately. Un-accounted usage (misuse / overuse) will result in the removal of user's access to the facility.
  9. Be sure to log out once you are finished.