Heat Treatment Ovens

Lindberg furnace
Lindberg 55322

The facility has two tube furnaces. The Lindberg 55322 oven is a Split-Hinge Single Zone Furnace with a Tmax = 1200 °C and a working tube of diameter 2.5 inches, and the MTI 1700 tube furnace has an operating temperature of Tmax = 1700 °C and a working tube of diameter 2 inches.  Both ovens have associated pump stations that can reach a base pressure better than 5 x 10-6 Torr. The MTI 1700 has a programmable temperature controller. Applications include ashing, sintering, crystallizing, annealing, etc. The tube furnaces are used for crystal growth because of their small volume and precision with which the temperature can be controlled. The ends of the tubes do not get very hot and various adapters may be placed on the ends. This permits reactions under controlled atmosphere using reactive/un-reactive gases or a vacuum.