Arc Melter

Arc Melting Furnace (ABJ-388)

The facility offers the ABJ-338 Bell Jar Arc-Melting Furnace Materials Research Furnaces, Inc. located in VKNRC N122 for preparing alloys. The system is a small bell jar arc melt furnace which is hinged backwards to allow easy access to and loading of the material. The 3.38“ (86mm) hearth plate has multiple crucibles. The system has an operating temperature over 3500°C and cools to room temperature in minutes.  The system can be used to:

Arc Melter
Arc Melter
  • Arc casting
  • Powder melting
  • Annealing
  • Crucible welding
  • Material densification
  • Metallic buttons
  • Spring splat cooling
  • Creating alloys
  • High purity melts

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