HEX Deposition system

Located in VKNRC N116 the Mantis Deposition Inc. Hex Deposition system is one of the facility's thin film deposition systems. The HEX is an unique compact and highly flexible benchtop deposition system which combines a sputtering source and an E-beam source for metals with a thermal evaporator for polymers and an organic evaporator for organic materials. The Hex allows for the use of any of the three deposition techniques to be used simultaneously

Pulsed Laser Deposition SystemHEX Deposition System
  • Sample stage holds up to 4 in wafers and can rotate up to 20 RPM
  • 2 in diameter sputtering source for magnetic or nonmagnetic material
  • A single pocket mini E-beam evaporator were material can be deposited from either rod or crucible
  • A single thermal boat source allows for the integration of a range of thermal boats for the deposition of both metals and organics/polymers
  • A new ORCA source is specifically designed for highly controlled deposition of organic material at low temperatures.
  • The system pumps down fast, the pressure reaches 5.0 x 10-6 mbar in just 30 min.
  • Unlimate base pressure is 4 x10-7 mbar.
Deposition sources
medium_Hex 02.jpg
DC Sputtering
medium_Hex 03.jpg
E-beam Evaporator
medium_Hex 04.jpg
Thermal Evaporator
medium_Hex 05.jpg
Organic Evaporator