Diffractometers: Technical Information


Rigaku SmartLab Diffractometer
3kW Cu Kα source
Cross Beam Optics (CBO) for parallel beam and Bragg-Brentano configurations
In-plane arm for the detector
Scintillation Counter and D/Tex Ultra detectors
Ge(220)x2 and Ge(220)x4 monochrmator and analyzer
10 position sample chamber
SAXS slit and vacuum beam path
Guidance software for automatic alignment and measurement
Horizontal sample mount


Bruker-AXS D8 Discover Diffractometer
Cu Kα source
Vantec-500 area detector and Scintillation counter
Centric 1/4-circle Eulerian cradle
Anton-Paar domed hot stage (DHS 900)
Laser/video sample-alignment system
Parallel beam geometry with Göbel mirror
Dual-beam path analyzer module
Capillary diffraction
Spatial scan of sample
Vertical sample mount


PANalytical Empyrean Diffractometer:
3 kW Cu Kα source
Bragg-Brentano focusing geometry
PIXcel 3D detector
45 position Automatic Sample Changer
Horizontal sample mount


Rigaku D/Max-B Diffractometer:
1.8 kW Co Kα source
Vertical sample mount
Bragg-Brentano focusing
Scintillation counter


Rigaku Multiflex Diffractometer:
2 kW Cu Kα source
Bragg-Brentano focusing
Horizontal sample mount
Diffracted beam monochromator


Bruker Photon Single Crystal Diffractometer:
Mo Kα radiation
Graphite monochromator with pinhole collimator
Fixed Chi, 3-axis goniometer
Photon 100 CMOS detector
Oxford Instruments Cryostream cooler for 100 – 500 K

Rigaku Supermini 200

Rigaku Supermini 200 WDXRF Spectrometer:
Elemental analysis: Fluorine through uranium (F → U)
Type of Samples: Solids, Liquids, Powders, Alloys, and Thin Films
Atmosphere: Helium or Vacuum
X-ray source: 50 kV, 4mA, 200 W Pd-anode (air cooled)
Detectors: Flow Proportional Counter and Scintillation Counter
Analyzer Crystals: 3-position changer with LiF 200, PET, and RX25
Auto-sampler: 12-position sample turret
Sample size: 44mm diameter, 33 mm height (max)
Sample spinning: 30rpm