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  Educational Outreach Recognition

Many faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students contribute to the effectiveness and success of NCMN’s educational outreach efforts. Each year we give the NCMN Ambassador Award for special recognition of a few outstanding faculty who have consistently given countless hours towards furthering education in the area of materials and nanoscience through outreach events and programs. The award was presented at the Department of Physics and Astronomy's annual Spring Recognition Luncheon. We want to recognize their contributions and say thank you! For more information about nanoscience outreach events please visit: http://ncmn.unl.edu/outreach-education.

In 2016 the Ambassador Award was given to Shireen Adenwalla and Barry Cheung. The NCMN Undergraduate Fellow Award was given to Seth Kurfman (Physics and Astronomy 2016 graduate). Information on previous recognition awards is available on the recognition archive page.

2016 Ambassador Awardees

2016 Undergraduate Fellow

Kurfman Recognition
Seth Kurfman

  NCMN Graduate Research Fellows

The annual fellowships honor a select group of doctoral graduate students on the basis of high research and scholastic performance. Fellows receive a stipend that supports students who are completing their doctoral dissertations and final year of studies. Information on previous fellows is available on the fellowship archive page.

UNL's 2016 NCMN Graduate Research Fellows are Cheng Bi and Ivan Zhuravlev.

Cheng Bi
Cheng Bi
Cheng Bi is pursuing a Ph.D in the Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering and is focused on perovskite solar cell research. He has helped develop: a novel two-step interdiffusion process to fabricate high quality perovskite film, a method to tune the bandgap of perovskite film, and a method to manipulate the grain growth of perovskite for highly efficient solar cells. Several papers have been published in high impact journals, with Cheng as first or co-first author including Nature Communications, Advanced Functional Materials, Energy and Environmental Science, Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Small. His career aspirations are to work in the semi-conductor or chemical industry or stay in academia researching thin film solar cell development.

Ivan Zhuravlev
Ivan Zhuravlev
Ivan Zhuravlev is a doctoral student in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. His research has consisted of phase transformations in confined nanosystems, investigation of anomalous temperature dependence of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy in magnetic materials, and electronic structure calculations of the concentration dependence of intrinsic magnetic properties in certain alloys. Ivan has had two research papers published, both as first author, one in Physical Review B and the other in Physical Review Letters. The results of some of his work were presented at the 2014 APS Meeting. After graduation he would like to continue research in computational materials science.