Outreach/Education - High School

Outreach/Education – High School

Nano Goes International

Senegal 1
Senegal 2
Senegal 3
Senegal 4

We were very excited to travel internationally and share information and activities about nanoscience at SenEcole – Fete de la Science, a 3 day exhibition in Senegal, Africa. Over 300 students/visitors explored nanokits about Thin Films, Invisibility, Liquid Crystals, Nano Sand, Transmission Electron Microscopes, and 3D Imaging. Dr. Sidy Ndao, a NCMN faculty member, made presentations during the event which supports future African engineers & scientists.

Nano and the Nebraska Robotics Expo

Robotics Expo Logo
Robotics Expo 1
Robotics Expo 2
Robotics Expo 3

The annual Nebraska Robotics Expo provided a unique venue for NCMN to share what’s happening in the Nano/STEM areas to Expo participants, spectators, and parents. Nebraska youth were given demonstrations and interactive activities about opportunities and careers in chemistry, physics, and engineering.

Native American Youth Leadership Camp

Native Camp 1
Native Camp 2
Native Camp 3
Native Camp 4

As part of a leadership camp, NCMN worked with MRSEC to share a variety of fun nanoscience activities to middle and high school youth at Innovation Campus. A ‘nanostation’ provided interesting demos and activities about nano and nature for student exploration which included information about DNA, light, self-assembly, and piezoelectricity.

2015 National & Nebraska Science Olympiad

2015 National Science Olympiad

2015 National Science Olympiad

2015 National Science Olympiad

2015 National Science Olympiad

NCMN presented an interactive booth of activities about carbon structures, memory metals and metal organic frameworks at the 2015 National Science Olympiad hosted by UNL. More than 2,000 middle- and high-school students from across the nation competed in categories ranging from earth science and chemistry to physics and engineering. The national tourney, which is held at a different university each year, is the culmination of regional and state tournaments. Learn more about Science Olympiad at http://www.soinc.org and http://news.unl.edu/newsrooms/unltoday/article/stem-expo-opens-national-science-olympiad/.

Women in Science Conference

Women in Science Conference
Women in Science 2012 Attendees
Women in Science Conference 2012 Nano Fabric
2011 Women in Science Conference

The Nebraska Women in Science annual conference was held this year at the Embassy Suites Lincoln Downtown and attended by over 100 high school women and their teachers from across Nebraska. Our informational booth provided hands on activities, brochures and an opportunity to visit with UNL faculty about STEM/nanoscience and science-related careers at the University.

Nano Physics High School Camp

Upward Bound Camp 2015
Upward Bound Camp 2015
Upward Bound Camp 2015
Upward Bound Camp 2015

NCMN partnered with the Upward Bound program to bring a summer NanoPhysics camp to 10th & 11th grade students from Lincoln high schools. The camp included tours of nano related research in NCMN facilities and hands on activities about the ever growing area of Nanoelectronics.  Topics covered during the 3 day event covered Supercapacitors, Quantum Tunneling Composite (QTC) technology, Graphene, LED’s, Batteries, and how these can be incorporated into electrical circuits.

Junior/Senior High Tours

Junior High Tours with Yunshen Zhou
Women in Science Conference 2012 Attendees
Junior High Tours with Matt Mithchell
2011 Women in Science Conference
Interested junior and senior high teachers visited the UNL campus with students and parents to learn more about what UNL has to offer in nanoscience research.  NCMN helped coordinate tours and hands-on experiences with a variety of departments on campus and will begin to introduce students to our new Voelte-Keegan Nanoscience Research Center!


NCMN High School internships 2014
NCMN High School internships 2014
NCMN High School internships 2014
High School Interns 2014

The Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience (NCMN) hosted a STEM summer program for high school internships again this year!   Faculty from Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering provided opportunities for high school students to work in their research labs for 8 weeks with the help of a graduate student mentor to guide and train in research techniques.  Students present their research results at UNL’s Summer Research Program Symposium each August.

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