Outreach/Education - Undergrad & Grad

Outreach/Education - Undergrad & Grad

Spring Science Art Competition

1st Place Science Art Competition
1st Place Scientist / Artist
2nd Place Science Art Competition
honorable mention art competition

The Spring Science Art Competition was again sponsored by the Nebraska Center for Materials and Nanoscience to celebrate the aesthetic appeal and creativity of nanoscience.  Artwork was submitted by current graduate or undergraduate students or a post-graduate scholar in the form of static visual images that represented nanoscience research at the University of Nebraska. The images were based on calculations, imaging data, or on a conceptual model that focused on both aesthetic impact and the effectiveness in communicating aspects of nanoscience. Winning artwork will be included in a traveling gallery exhibition in coming months.

Women in Physics Conference (WoPHY)

WoPhy founder, Dr. Axel Enders
Wophy attendees 2010
Wophy attendees 2010
Wophy founder, Dr. Axel Enders

NCMN partners annually with the Department of Physics and Astronomy, along with other sponsors, to bring together outstanding student researchers in Physics for WoPHY Conferences each October. Students from across the US attend to build on their current research experiences, interact with physics students from other universities, and attend scientific talks given by scientists who are leaders in their field.

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