Eveline Baesu.

Associate Professor
Mechanical and Materials Engineering

W304 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-2382
  • University of California at Berkley, Ph.D. in Solid Mechanics (1998)
  • University of Bucharest, Romania, M.S. in Mathematics

Research Interests
  • Electromechanical effects
  • Fiber networks
  • Biomechanics

Selected Publications
  • E. Baesu, R. E. Rudd, M. McElfresh and J. Belak, “Continuum Modeling of Cell Membranes”,Intern. J. Nonlinear Mech. 39, 369-377 (2004).
  • E. Baesu, “On Electroacoustic Energy Flux”, J. Appl. Math. and Phys.(ZAMP) 54, 1001-1009 (2003).
  • E. Baesu, “Finite Deformations of Elastic-Plastic Filamentary Networks”, Intern. J. Nonlinear Mech. 38, 1473-1479 (2003).
  • M. McElfresh, E. Baesu, R. Ballhorn, J. Belak, M. Allen, and R. E. Rudd, “Combining Constitutive Materials Modeling with Atomic Force Microscopy to Understand the Mechanical Properties of Living Cells”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 99 6493-7 (2002).
  • E. Baesu and E. Soos, “Antiplane Fracture in a Prestressed and Prepolarized Crystal”, IMA J. Appl. Math. 66, 499-508 (2001).