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Teacher Resources

Educational Outreach Teacher Resources

NCMN provides numerous educational events throughout the year to engage student audiences in nanoscale science, technology, and engineering. A variety of methods and tools are used to increase the understanding of participants about science, which are available below.

  • Nano/STEM Digital kits contain hands-on activities, programs, digital downloads complete with resources on getting started, posters, lesson plans, supply lists, marketing materials, training, multimedia files, and more
  • Kits can be adapted for different ages, contain reusable hands-on activities, and cost a nominal fee of $50 per kit. Some Nano/STEM kits are available for order by schools and other non-profits at http://ncmn.unl.edu/kit-order-form. We will invoice and ship kits within a few weeks
  • NanoCamp PowerPoints and other Media Resources help support lessons about a variety of topics
  • Click here for At Home Resources

Nano/STEM Training Videos - More about kits from NISE Net



Workshop PowerPoints

  • Nanotechnology "Teaching Tiny" PP, PDF
  • CCC Teacher Workshop PP, PDF
  • Exploring Electricity PP, PDF