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NCMN Outreach Recognition

  Educational Outreach Recognition

Many faculty, postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students contribute to the effectiveness and success of NCMN’s educational outreach efforts. The NCMN Ambassador Award is given for special recognition of a few outstanding faculty who have consistently given countless hours towards furthering education in the area of materials and nanoscience through outreach events and programs. Information on previous recognition awards is available on the recognition archive pageWe want to recognize their contributions and say thank you! For more information about nanoscience outreach events please visit: http://ncmn.unl.edu/outreach-education.

  NCMN Graduate Research Fellows

The annual fellowships honor a select group of doctoral graduate students on the basis of high research and scholastic performance. Fellows receive a stipend that supports students who are completing their doctoral dissertations and final year of studies. Information on previous fellows is available on the fellowship archive page.


Khedmati Recognition
Mahdieh Khedmati
Hong Recognition
Yang Hong
  • Mahdieh Khedmati – Civil Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Yong-Rak Kim – research on multiscale characterization of cementitious materials and mixtures based on integrated microstructural-mechanical-chemical approach.
  • Yang Hong – Chemistry, Advisor: Prof. Xiao Cheng Zeng – multidisciplinary research interests in mechanical engineering, physical chemistry and materials science covering the atomistic study of thermal transport in nanoscale and nanostructured materials, machine learning accelerated thermophysical property characterization, fundamental mechanisms/physics investigation of laser-material interaction, and water/solid interface design for water desalination.


Stockdale Recognition
Taylor Stockdale
Taylor Recognition
Jay Taylor
  • Taylor Stockdale – Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Yuris Dzenis - interest in developing manufacturing techniques to improve the mechanical properties of structural materials by means of introducing nanoscale reinforcements.

  • Jay Taylor – Chemistry, Advisor: Dr. Stephen Morin – research using elastic surfaces to control chemical/physical reactions/processes, surface chemical derivatization of elastic surfaces (primarily silicones), studying the formation/adhesion of nucleated liquids/solids on the surface of silicones under or after tension/compression, and chemical lamination methods between silicones and thermoplastics.


  • Mikhail Shekhirev -Department of Chemistry, Advisor: Prof. Alexander Sinitskii - researching carbon nanomaterials engineering for nanoelectronics, sensors and energy storage.
  • Qi Wang - Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Jinsong Huang - has worked on improving the efficiency and stability of perovskite solar cells.


  • Ivan Zhuravlev- Physics & Astronomy, Advisor: Prof. Kirill Belashchenko – researching phase transformations in confined nanosystems, investigation of anomalous temperature dependence of the magnetocrystalline anisotropy in magnetic materials, and electronic structure calculations of the concentration dependence of intrinsic magnetic properties in certain alloys.
  • Cheng Bi - Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Jinsong Huang - research is focused on perovskite solar cell research.


  • Alexey Lipatov – Chemistry, Advisor: Prof. Alexander Sinitskii - working in the development of novel materials by exploring combinations of materials to achieve functional heterostructures for application in electronics, sensors and data storage.
  • Yuchuan Shao – Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Jeff Shield - interests center on ferroelectric polymers with solar cell thermal energy applications.


  • Timothy Martin - Biomedical Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Angela Pannier - research has involved transferring DNA from one form of life to another and interests focus on biotech applications in materials (e.g. biomaterials/tissue engineering) and nanomedicine (e.g. gene therapy, cancer research).
  • Chieu Van Nguyen - Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Ravi Saraf - interests center on material science, especially those that leverage unique phenomena of nanoparticles and polymers to solving challenges in life such as renewable energy and cancer treatment.
  • Dimitry Papkov - Mechanical and Materials Engineering, Advisor: Prof. Yuris Dzenis – research on the control of nanofiber structure and properties on the individual fiber level.