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NCMN Brochures

Main Brochure Front
NCMN Main Brochure

Information about NCMN goals, success stories, research areas, graduate and postdoctoral education, facilities, and related centers.

Facilities Brochure
NCMN Facilities Brochure

NCMN operates six central facilities available to all UNL faculty as well as companies in Nebraska and other locations nationally.

Facilities Brochure
NCMN Flyer

Basic informational flyer regarding NCMN, graduate and postdoctoral education, related centers and programs, and nano.

NCMN Newsletters

NCMN Newsletter

Interfaces is the main newsletter of NCMN and is published periodically.

NCMN Newsletter

Outreach Newsletter

The outreach and education newsletter of NCMN is published periodically.

Outreach Newsletter

Faculty Articles, Book Chapters, etc.

Articles, book chapters, etc., by NCMN researchers can be found on the UNL Libraries' Digital Commons website and on individual faculty pages.

Faculty Books



Magnetism and Electronic Correlations in Local-Moment Systems: Rare-Earth Elements and Compounds
World Scientific
Edited by M. Donath, P. A. Dowben, and W. Nolting
ISBN 981-02-3538-0


Surface Segregation Phenomena
CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL
Edited by P.A. Dowben and A. Miller
ISBN 0–8493–6893–6