Kirill Belashchenko

Kirill Belashchenko.

Physics and Astronomy

310D Jorgensen Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-2396
  • Ph.D., 1999, Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute,” theoretical physics
  • M.S., 1996, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (with Honors), physics of metals

Research Interests
  • Computational Physics
  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Materials Science
  • Metallurgy

Honors and Awards
  • 2014 Outstanding Referee for the journals of the American Physical Society
  • 2008 Research Corporation Cottrell Scholar Award
  • 2003 Kurchatov Award, Russian Research Center “Kurchatov Institute”
  • 1997 Soros Graduate Student, International Soros Science Education Program

Selected Publications