Faculty - Eckhardt

Craig J. Eckhardt, Professor

Craig J. Eckhardt

Craig J. Eckhardt

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
524 Hamilton Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0304
Office: 402-472-2734

Research Interests

Research in the Eckhardt group centers on organic materials and organic solid-state chemistry. Systems being investigated range over nanotribology, mechanochemistry, energetic materials (propellants and explosives), supramolecules and organic ferroelectrics. The program has both theoretical and experimental components and involves a wide variety of techniques: Brillouin and Raman scattering, UV-Vis emission, reflection and absorption spectroscopy from 4K to 300K, friction force microscopy, contact angle goniometry, very low temperature calorimetry, high pressure spectroscopy using diamond anvil cells and very low frequency FTIR spectroscopy, surface potential, viscosity and pressure measurements, and Brewster angle microscopy.

Currently, the mechanisms of direct conversion of mechanical energy (without thermalization) into chemical processes are being studied. Mechanochemistry relates to the mechanism of detonation, new approaches to formation of new materials, processing of pharmaceuticals and phenomena such as triboluminescence. In the case of energetic materials, the quest is to obtain great stability (low sensitivity) to mechanical shock with great explosive power. Other active research areas involve photonics (development of novel organic ferroelectric materials that have photoinduced phase transitions) and nanotribology (formulation of organic monolayers that have unique frictional properties). Nanosystems are being investigated through supramolecules of inclusion compounds that are important for many medical and industrial applications, control of solid-state reactions and developing new ferroelastic materials.

Professor Eckhardt is a Fulbright Fellow for 2006.


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  • L.L. Stevens, Director of Research, Agsource Harris Laboratories
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  • Christine DeVries, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Wartburg College