Alexei Gruverman

Selected Publications


  • "Scanning Probe Microscopy of Electrical and Electromechanical Phenomena at the Nanoscale", edited by S.V.Kalinin and A.Gruverman (Springer, 2006).
  • "Ferroelectrics at Nanoscale: Scanning Probe Microscopy Approach", edited by M.Alexe and A.Gruverman (Springer, 2004).

Book chapters and review papers

  • D.A.Bonnell, S.V.Kalinin, A.Kholkin, and A.Gruverman, "Piezoresponse Force Microscopy: a window into electromechanical behavior at the nanoscale", review article in MRS Bulletin, September, 2009.
  • A.Gruverman and A.Kholkin, "Nanoscale Ferroelectrics: Processing, Characterization and Future Trends", Rep. Prog. Phys. 69, 2443-2474 (2006).
  • A.Gruverman, "Ferroelectric Nanodomains", in Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, edited by H. S. Nalwa (American Scientific Publishers, Los Angeles, 2004), Vol. 3, pp.359-375.
  • A.Gruverman, O.Auciello and H.Tokumoto, "Imaging and Control of Domain Structures in Ferroelectric Thin Films via Scanning Force Microscopy", Ann. Rev. of Mat. Science 28, 101-124 (1998) - (over 220 citations).


  • A.Gruverman, D.Wu, and J.F.Scott, "Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Studies of Switching Behavior of Ferroelectric Capacitors on a 100-ns Timescale", Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 097601-604 (2008).
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