Faculty - Gruverman

Alexei Gruverman, Charles Bessey Professor

Alexei Gruverman

Alexei Gruverman
Charles Bessey Professor

Physics & Astronomy
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
081 Jorgensen Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0299
Office: 402-472-4788
Lab: 402-472-8358

Research Interests

Gruverman's group in collaboration with Prof E. Tsymbal (UNL) and researchers from University of Wisconsin-Madison used advanced scanning probe techniques and ultrathin epitaxial ferroelectric BaTiO3 films grown on SrRuO3 electrodes to demonstrate correlation between ferroelectric polarization orientation (left image) and the tunneling current flowing from a conductive-AFM tip through the BaTiO3 barrier layer (right image). These results support theoretical predictions made earlier by MRSEC researchers and open the way to employ ferroelectric tunnel junctions in novel nano-electronic devices and advanced data storage applications.


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Book chapters and review papers:
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