Natale "Ned" Ianno, Milton E. Mohr Professor

Natale Ianno

Natale "Ned" Ianno
Milton E. Mohr Professor

Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
207N Scott Engineering Center
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0511
Office: 402-472-1965

Research Interests

It is well known that out-gassing of epoxies and other organic components produces effluents that, when exposed to VUV and UV light, deposit onto the satellite. We have established a cryo-pumped chamber that contains 3 effusion cells and several QCM's that can be used to measure impingement and deposition rate. The substrate and QCM's can be illuminated during exposure to the effluent gas emanating from the effusion cells by VUV (110nm) through UV (400nm). The entire process is monitored via an in-situ ellipsometer, providing real time deposition rates and optical constants of the resulting contaminant layer.

A second area of research is hollow cathode deposition of thin films. This technique has been developed at UNL and results in rapid deposition rates of metastable materials, such as GeC. This technique will also be applied to BSTO, thin ferroelectric materials with direct application in phased array antennas.


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  • T. Islam- Intel -San Jose, CA.
  • Y. Bulur- IBM- Rochester, MN.
  • A. Basu- PhD Candidate UCSB.
  • D. Zhao- Research Associate Ga. Tech.