Faculty - Iverson

Nicole M. Iverson, Associate Professor

Nicole Iverson

Nicole M. Iverson
Assistant Professor

Biological Systems Engineering
233 Chase Hall
Office: 402-472-0884
Cell: 732-648-3319
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Research Areas
Carbon nanotubes, biological sensors, reactive oxygen and nitrogen species

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Research Interests

Iverson’s research focuses on the use of carbon nanotube sensors to determine intercellular and intracellular signaling associated with quiescent and diseased cells. Current research is focused on the delivery of the carbon nanotube sensors to small animal models for long term reactive nitrogen species detection.


  • Nanoparticles in the Body
  • Biomedical Engineering teacher workshops

Group Members

  • Graduate students: Eric Hofferber, Sophia Walsh
  • Undergraduate students: Janelle Adams, Victoria Bart, Grant Jensen, Joseph Stapleton


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