Faculty - Larsen

Gustavo Larsen, Professor

Gustavo Larsen

Gustavo Larsen

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
207 Othmer Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0643
Office: 402-472-9805

Research Interests

Dr. Larsen’s group works on a variety of projects related to catalysis, adsorption, and materials design. We currently have six major areas of research in our laboratory:

  • Partial oxidation reactions over hybrid (organic/inorganic) Ti-containing gels;
  • Synthesis of inorganic oxide materials with tailored porosities and well-defined
    (catalytically active)metal particle sizes using macromolecular templates;
  • Design of zeolite- and amorphous silica/cellulose composites for separation applications;
  • Molecularly imprinted inorganic, and hybrid (organic/inorganic) oxides;
  • Design of macroporous supports for immobilized enzymes utilized in reactions
    involving bulky biomolecules; · Design of catalytic nanofibers based on electrospinning of sol-gels.


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  • Lucia M. Petkovic, Ph. D. Chemical Engineering, UNL (2001), Currently a Staff Scientist at the INEEL DOE Laboratory, Idaho Falls, Idaho.
  • Edgar Lotero, Ph.D. Chemistry, UNL (2002), Currently a Postdoctoral Associate at Clemson University, Department of Chemical Engineering.