Yongfeng Lu.

Lott Distinguished University Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering

E430P Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-8323
  • Ph.D., Osaka University, Japan, 1991
  • M.Eng., Osaka University, Japan, 1988
  • B.Eng., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 1984

Research Interests
  • Carbon materials: diamond, carbon nanotubes, carbon nano-onions, graphene, etc.
  • Nanophotonics
  • Optical spectroscopy and imaging: Confocal Raman spectroscopy and imaging, surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy, laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy, coherent anti-Stocks Raman spectroscopy and imaging
  • Nanoscale laser material processing and characterization
  • Laser-assisted nanoimprinting
  • 2D and 3D nanomanufacturing employing scanning probe microscope
  • Surface cleaning and drying
  • Laser-assisted materials synthesis and processing
  • Molecular Level Surface Drying for Nanoelectronics
  • Controlled growth of carbon nanostructures, including carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphene, and carbon nanoonions (CNOs)
  • Supercapacitors
  • Nano-Raman spectroscopy
  • Two photon polymerization for 3D nanofabrication
  • Pulsed laser deposition
  • Laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition

Honors and Awards
  • SPIE Fellow, (2008-Present)
  • Board Member, Laser Institute of America, (2008-Present)
  • General Chair, International Congress on Applications of Lasers & Electro-Optics 2007 (ICALEO, October 29-November 1, 2007, Orlando, FL)
  • International Laser Award (Berthold Leibinger Innovationspreis, Berthold Leibinger Stiftung, Germany, 2000)
  • National Technology Award (National Science and Technology Board, Singapore, 1998)

Selected Publications
  • Wang, Fei, Chenfei Zhang, Yongfeng Lu, Michael Nastasi, and Bai Cui. "Laser shock processing of polycrystalline alumina ceramics." Journal of the American Ceramic Society 100, no. 3 (2017): 911-919.
  • Lu, Qiaofeng, Qing Su, Fei Wang, Chenfei Zhang, Yongfeng Lu, Michael Nastasi, and Bai Cui. "Influence of laser shock peening on irradiation defects in austenitic stainless steels." Journal of Nuclear Materials.
  • Hossein Rabiee Golgir, Dawei Li, Kamran Keramatnejad, Qi Ming Zou, Jun Xiao, Fei Wang, Lan Jiang, Jean-Francois Silvain, and Yongfeng Lu "Fast Growth of GaN Epilayers via Laser-Assisted Metal Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition for Ultraviolet Photodetector Applications", ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2017.
  • Zou, Qi Ming, Leimin Deng, Dawei Li, Yunshen Zhou, Hossein Rabiee Golgir, Kamran Keramatnejad, Li Sha Fan, Lan Jiang, Jean-Francois Silvain, and Yongfeng Lu. "Thermally Stable and Electrically Conductive, Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube/Silicon Infiltrated Composite Structures for High-Temperature Electrodes." ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2017).
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