Sangjin Ryu, Assistant Professor

Sangjin Ryu

Sangjin Ryu
Assistant Professor

Mechanical & Materials Engineering
W307 Nebraska Hall
Office: 402-472-4313 or
Ryu's webpage

Research Areas
Microscale fluid dynamics, interfacial fluid dynamics, biophysics, cell mechanics, microfluidics, atomic force microscopy

Research Interests

  • Microscale fluid dynamics
  • Interfacial fluid dynamics
  • Biophysics
  • Cell mechanics
  • Microfluidics
  • Atomic force microscopy


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  • Pepper, R., Roper, M., Ryu, S., Matsumoto, N., Nagai, M. & Stone, H. A. (2013) A New Angle on Microscopic Suspension Feeders near Boundaries. Biophysical Journal 105, 1796-1804.
  • Ryu, S., Lang, M. J. & Matsudaira, P. (2012) Maximal Force Characteristics of Ca2+-powered Actuator of Vorticella convallaria. Biophysical Journal 103, 860-867.
  • Ryu, S. & Franck, C. (2011) In situ Hydrodynamic Lateral Force Calibration of AFM Colloidal Probes. Langmuir 27, 13390-13399.
  • Ryu, S. & Matsudaira, P. (2010) A Drag Correlation for a Nonporous Sphere Steadily Approaching an Impermeable Plane at Finite Reynolds Numbers. Chemical Engineering Science 65, 4913-4915.
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  • Pepper, R. E., Roper, M., Ryu, S., Matsudaira, P. & Stone, H. A. (2010) Nearby Boundaries Create Eddies near Microscopic Filter Feeders. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 7, 851-862.