• Ph.D. in Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009
  • M.S. in Engineering, Seoul National University
  • B.S. in Engineering, Seoul National University

Research Interests
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Cell mechanics
  • Multiscale flow systems and biological systems based on interdisciplinary experimental approaches

Research interests in flow systems include:

  • Interfacial dynamics of bubble, drop and foam
  • Fluid flow at finite Reynolds numbers
  • Microfluidics
  • Fluid dynamics of microorganisms
  • Flow-system-based sustainable energy technology

Research interests in bio systems include:

  • Calcium-powered cell motility and its biomimetic application
  • Mechanobiology of stem cell differentiation
  • Cellular mechanics of cancer cells
Selected Publications
  • Ryu, S. & Franck, C. (2011) In situ Hydrodynamic Lateral Force Calibration of AFM Colloidal Probes. Langmuir, 27, 13390-13399.
  • Ryu, S. & Matsudaira, P. (2010) A Drag Correlation for a Nonporous Sphere Steadily Approaching an Impermeable Plane at Finite Reynolds Numbers. Chemical Engineering Science 65, 4913-4915.
  • Nagai, M., Ryu, S., Thorsen, T., Matsudaira, P. & Fujita, H. (2010) Chemical Control of Vorticella Bioactuator Using Microfluidics. Lab on a Chip 10, 1574- 1578.
  • Ryu, S. & Matsudaira, P. (2010) Unsteady Motion, Finite Reynolds Numbers and Wall Effect on Vorticella convallaria Contribute Contraction Force Greater than the Stokes Drag. Biophysical Journal 98, 2574-2581.
  • Pepper, R. E., Roper, M., Ryu, S., Matsudaira, P. & Stone, H. A. (2010) Nearby Boundaries Create Eddies near Microscopic Filter Feeders. Journal of the Royal Society Interface 7, 851-862.
  • Kim, S., Ryu, S. & Yoo, J. Y. (2001) Performance Characteristics of a V-type Probe Developed for Wall Vorticity Measurement. Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers B, 25(4), 514-522.
  • Ryu, S., Kim, S. & Yoo, J. Y. (2001) Correlations ofWall Vorticity and Streamwise Velocity Fluctuations in a Turbulent Boundary Layer. Transactions of the Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers B, 25(4), 523-532.