Renat Sabirianov

Renat Sabirianov.

Professor, Milo Bail Chair in Physics
Physics, University of Nebraska Omaha

125 Durham Science Center
Omaha, NE 68182
(402) 554-3720
Research Interests
  • Magnetic and transport properties of heterostructures of nanoscale size
  • Simulation of the growth of self-organized magnetic nanostructures, modeling of the diffusion processes and growth on strained surfaces, and strain assisted phase segregation on the surface
  • Micromagnetic studies of nanostructured magnetic thin films
  • Surface properties of TM oxides (ZrO2, TiO2 etc.) Superhydrophilic/hydrophobic surfaces
  • Molecular Electronics
  • Magnetic Semiconductors
Recent Publications
  • Bian, M., Zhu, L., Wang, X., Choi, J., Chopdekar, R. V., Wei, S., Wu, L., Huai, C., Marga, A., Yang, Q., Li, Y. C., Yao, F., Yu, T., Crooker, S. A., Cheng, X. M., Sabirianov, R. F., Zhang, S., Lin, J., Hou, Y., & Zeng, H. (2022). Dative Epitaxy of Commensurate Monocrystalline Covalent van der Waals Moiré Supercrystal. Advanced Materials, 34(17), [2200117].
  • Ghellab, T., Baaziz, H., Charifi, Z., Latelli, H., Ahmad, M. J. A., Telfah, M., Alsaad, A., Telfah, A., Hergenröder, R., & Sabirianov, R. (2022). First-principles calculations of the high-pressure behavior, electronic, magnetic, and elastic properties of praseodymium pnictides: PrX (X = P, As and Bi). Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 546, [168919].
  • Ghellab, T., Charifi, Z., Baaziz, H., Telfah, A., Ababneh, R., Alsaad, A., & Sabirianov, R. (2022). Physical properties of LiXH4 (X= B, Al) hydrogen storage materials: ab-initio study. Solid State Communications, 347, [114731].
  • Ghellab, T., Baaziz, H., Charifi, Z., Telfah, M., Alsaad, A., Telfah, A., Hergenröder, R., & Sabirianov, R. (2022). The structural, electronic, optical, thermodynamical and thermoelectric properties of the Bi2Al4Se8 compound for solar photovoltaic semiconductors. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing, 141, [106415].
  • Bian, M., Kamenskii, A. N., Han, M., Li, W., Wei, S., Tian, X., Eason, D. B., Sun, F., He, K., Hui, H., Yao, F., Sabirianov, R., Bird, J. P., Yang, C., Miao, J., Lin, J., Crooker, S. A., Hou, Y., & Zeng, H. (2021). Covalent 2D Cr2Te3 ferromagnet. Materials Research Letters, 9(5), 205-212.
  • Telfah, A., Sâad Essaoud, S., Baaziz, H., Charifi, Z., Alsaad, A. M., Mais, M. J., Hergenröder, R., & Sabirianov, R. (2021). Density Functional Theory Investigation of Physical Properties of KCrZ (Z = S, Se, Te) Half-Heusler Alloys. Physica Status Solidi (B) Basic Research, 258(10), [2100039].
  • Yan, X., Huai, C., Xing, H., Parry, J. P., Yang, Y., Tang, G., Yao, C., Hu, G., Sabirianov, R., & Zeng, H. (2021). Signature of electron-magnon Umklapp scattering in L 10FePt probed by thermoelectric measurements. Applied Physics Letters, 119(18), [182402].
  • Alsaad, A. M., Al-Bataineh, Q. M., Bani-Salameh, A. A., Ahmad, A. A., Albiss, B. A., Telfah, A., & Sabirianov, R. F. (2021). Synthesis and structural, crystallographic, electronic, chemical and optical characterizations of alpha-diisopropylammonium bromide (α-DIPAB) thin films. Optik, 241, [167014].
  • Telfah, A., Guendouz, D., Charifi, Z., Baaziz, H., Alsaad, A. M., Hergenröder, R., & Sabirianov, R. (2021). Theoretical investigations of alkaline earth hydrides XH2 (X-Ca, Sr, and Ba) for hydrogen storage applications. International Journal of Energy Research, 45(11), 16383-16399.
  • Shen, X., Sun, T., Yang, L., Krasnoslobodtsev, A., Sabirianov, R., Sealy, M., Mei, W. N., Wu, Z., & Tan, L. (2021). Ultra-fast charging in aluminum-ion batteries: electric double layers on active anode. Nature communications, 12(1), [820].