Faculty - Sinitskii

Alexander Sinitskii, Assistant Professor

Alexander Sinitskii

Alexander Sinitskii
Assistant Professor

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
525A Hamilton Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0304
Office: 402-472-3543

Research Interests

My group is working on the chemical design of novel functional materials for applications in electronics, photonics, sensors and energy storage. Such materials include graphene, carbon nanotubes, inorganic nanowires, colloidal particles, macroporous oxides and some others (Figure 1). Our strategy is to control the structure and composition of these materials at nanoscale to define their properties.

  • Materials science
  • Inorganic chemistry
  • Synthesis of nanomaterials
  • Self-assembly techniques
  • Nanoscale device fabrication

A graduate or postdoctoral student in my group can expect to receive training in inorganic chemistry and materials science with significant exposure to one or more of the following specialties: low-dimensional nanomaterials, carbon nanomaterials (carbon nanotubes and graphene), self-assembly techniques, chemical vapor deposition, and materials characterization techniques, such as electron microscopy, atomic force microscopy, nanoscale device fabrication and electrical measurements.


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