Faculty - Turner

Joseph A. Turner, Robert W. Brightfelt Professor

Joseph Turner

Joseph A. Turner
Robert W. Brightfelt Professor

Mechanical & Materials Engineering
University of Nebraska–Lincoln
W354 Nebraska Hall
Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0526
Office: 402-472-8856

Research Interests

  • Stochastic wave propagation: scattering, radiative transfer, diffusion, localization;
  • Experimental ultrasonics: NDE, linear and nonlinear materials characterization;
  • Multiscale characterization: atomic force microscope (AFM), nanoindentation, ultrasound;
  • Linear and nonlinear vibrations: structural, dynamics of the AFM;
  • Elastic wave propagation: anisotropic, layered, geophysical, piezoelectric media;
  • Structural acoustics: complex structures, MEMS beams, plates, shells.


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  • M. Reinstädler, U. Rabe, V. Scherer, J. A. Turner, and W. Arnold, “Imaging of Flexural and Torsional Resonance Modes of Atomic Force Microscopy Cantilevers using Optical Interferometry”, Surf. Sci. 532-535C, 1152-1158 (2003).
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  • Joshua S. Wiehn (M.S. 2001), Sandia National Laboratories
  • Roshanak Nilchiani (M.S. 2002), Ph.D. candidate at M.I.T
  • Sathish Ramamoorthy (M.S. 2003), Ph.D. candidate Texas A&M
  • Goutam Ghoshal (M.S. 2003), Ph.D. candidate at UNL
  • Yogesh Kane (M.S. 2003)
  • Liyong Yang (Ph.D. 2003), post-doctoral researcher at UNL