Hendrik J. Viljoen

Hendrik J. Viljoen.

Distinguished Professor
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

211 Othmer Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588
(402) 472-9318
  • Ph.D., University of Pretoria, South Africa, 1985
  • M.S., University of Pretoria, South Africa, 1981
  • B.S., University of Pretoria, South Africa, 1979

Research Interests
  • Modeling chondrogenesis
  • Modeling 3D bioreactor conditions
  • Fluid dynamic modeling
  • Agricultural implementation design

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  • Viljoen; Hendrik J., Jooste; Barend R., Piezoelectric sensors/actuators for use in refractory environments, #6,057,628 (2000)

Professional Memberships
Selected Publications
  • Mark Nusterer, Jack Rauch, Hendrik J Viljoen, "Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Alginate Microtube Extrusion for Cell Culture Applications
    Biochemical Engineering Journal 177(2):108236 (2021).
  • Neety Sahu, April Miller, Hendrik J Viljoen, Anuradha Subramanian, "Continuous Low-Intensity Ultrasound Promotes Native-To-Native Cartilage Integration"
    Tissue Engineering Part A 25(21-22) (2019).
  • Neety Sahu, Hendrik J Viljoen, Anuradha Subramanian "Continuous low-intensity ultrasound attenuates IL-6 and TNFα-induced catabolic effects and repairs chondral fissures in bovine osteochondral explants"
    BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 20(1):193 (2019).
  • Heather Newell, Hendrik J Viljoen, "Stability analysis of a thin film on a rotating cylinder with low airflow"
    Physics of Fluids 31(3):034106 (2019)
  • Qiang Li, Haishuang Lin, Jack Rauch, Loic P. Deleyrolle, Brent A. Reynolds, Hendrik J. Viljoen, Chi Zhang, Chi Zhang, Linxia Gu, Erika Van Wyk, Yuguo Lei, "Scalable Culturing of Primary Human Glioblastoma Tumor-Initiating Cells with a Cell-Friendly Culture System"
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  • April Miller, Anuradha Subramanian, Hendrik J Viljoen, "Theoretically proposed optimal frequency for ultrasound induced cartilage restoration"
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