NanoArt Competition

NanoArt Competition

2019 Winners

Most Stunning
by Loic Constantin

The Copper Garden
"The Copper Garden"
Most Unique Capability
by Ufuk Kilic and Mathew Hilfiker

SiAg Chiral nanoplasmonic metasurfaces
"SiAg Chiral nanoplasmonic metasurfaces"
Most Whimsical
by Seefat Farzin and Mohammad Mazharul Islam

Happiness Comes in Waves
"Happiness Comes in Waves"


1st place
H. F. Haghshenas & M. Khedmati
"Bee Family"

First Place 2016
Bee Family 2016

2nd place
Lei Li, Xiwei Zheng, Xiao Cheng Zeng
"Water Sunbathing on Nano-beach"

Second Place 2016
Sunbathing 2016


Pinaki Mukherjee and Dr. Enders
Nano-Art Competition banner image
Pinaki Mukherjee and Dr. Enders

1st place
Pinaki Mukherjee, Physics & Astronomy
"Nano Bonica"

Pinaki Nano Bonica

1st place
Tyler Holm, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
"A Late Spring in March"

Holm Late Spring

1st place
Ehsan Rezai, Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Rezaeo nuclei

1st place (Scientist / Artist group)
Wei Xiong & Joel Brehm, Electrical Engineering
"Nano Mushrooms"

Xiong nano mushrooms

2nd place
Zhangping Xu, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
"Nanoscale French Fries"

Xu nano french fries

Honorable Mention
Premkumar Thirugnanam, Electrical Engineering

Premkumar nano sunflowers

Honorable Mention
Alexey Lipatov, Chemistry
"Inverse Opal"

Lipatov nano oval

Honorable Mention
Gilbert Mbah & Thomas Smith, Chemistry
"Manganese Oxide Nanoflowers"

Mbah nano flowers

Honorable Mention
Qingfeng Dong, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
"Flower of PVDF"

Dong nano flower