Dimension 3100 SPM system

The Digital Instruments Nanoscope IIIa Dimension 3100 SPM system provides 3D images for characterization of a large variety of materials, such as nanoparticles, polymers, DNA, semiconductor thin films, magnetic media, optics and other advanced nanostructures. SPM can provide a wealth of information from topography, surface morphology, to magnetic phase or friction analysis, including line width, grain size, thin film thickness, roughness measurements, sectioning of surfaces, particle analysis, surface defects, and pattern recognition, etc.

This facility contains the following equipment:

  1. Dimension 3100 SPM Microscopy
  2. NanoScope IIIa System Controller
  3. D3100 Microscope Electronics Box
  4. Dual-monitor Computer System, for data analysis, data imaging, data manipulation, and data presentation