The Digital Instruments EnviroScope Atomic Force Microscope (ESCOPE) combines AFM imaging with environmental controls and hermetically sealed sample chamber to perform contact, lateral force, and TappingMode atomic force microscopy in air, vacuum, or a purged gas, as well as a heating environment. With advanced environmental capabilities, users can observe sample reactions to a variety of complex environmental conditions while scanning.

Preliminary Specifications
  • NanoScope V SPM control station combines advanced analog and digital circuit designs with real-time software to provide superior multi-tasking control to provide speed, sensitivity, resolution and functionality enhancements.
  • Sample stage range: 6mm XY; 14mm Z sample movement range
    Sample Size: 30mm X-Y, 12mm Z
    Scan Size: horizontal imaging area of 90-micron X-Y nominal maximum and a vertical range of 5-micro nominal maximum.
  • Optics: Improved on-axis video optics with 0.5mm field of view
  • Vacuum: A Varian Turbo-V70 vacuum pump down time can be as quick as 10 minutes, depending on ESCOPE chamber cleanliness, with high vacuum capability to 10-5 Torr.
  • High Temperature Heating Stage with Lakeshore Model 331 temperature controller included in the ESCOPE system. Temperature range:
    Room temperature (RT) to 185 °C in ambient environment
    RT to approx. ~ 275 ° C nominal at the sample surface in vacuum.