Selected Publications/Applications

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  3. MFM images measured at various field for NiMnGa (a-c) and NiMnIn (d-f)
    MFM images measured at various field for NiMnGa (a-c) and NiMnIn (d-f)
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    Transverse section of AlNiCo 5-7
    MFM images of transverse section of AlNiCo 5-7 taken on different magnification scales: (a) 100µm, (b) 30µm, (c) 10µm and (d) 2µm.
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    Graphene pattern on a SiO2 / Si wafer
    (a) Surface topography of a graphene pattern on a SiO2 / Si wafer. (b) The magnified image of a selected region in "A." The bottom inset shows the surface profile across "a" and "b" with the height difference of 0.4 nm.
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    Interface instability of our nanoflakes by AFM
    Interface instability of our nanoflakes by AFM. Nanoflakes of C16-CTAB (A) show clear phase separation at 50 °C (C), delivering large particulates and small pores afterwards (B–C). In contrast, nanoflakes of C16-DTS (D) show fine particulates (F) and rough pores (E) after thermal treatment. Image size: 5 µm × 5 µm for (A), (B), (D) and (E); 1 µm × 1 µm for the insets; and 2 µm × 4 µm for (C) and (F).
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    Changes in sample morphology
    Changes in sample morphology can be seen in the AFM images.
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    Magnetic domain structures
    Magnetic domain structures of as-deposited Co/Ru(x)/Co trilayers with different thickness of Ru interlayer.
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    DNA image
    DNA imaged on mica with AFM TappingMode in air, 1 µm scan size, height 2nm.
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    MFM CoPT
    MFM images of CoPt film in remanent state (left) and in a perpendicular 180 Oe field (right), scan size 10 µm.
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    AFM image of sub-10nm FE clusters
    AFM image of sub-10nm Fe clusters.
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    AFM images of copolymer LB films with different annealing conditions.
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    MFM Co/Pt
    MFM images of coupled Co/Pt multilayers with different thickness of NiO interlayers.
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    MFM images of high-density recording media taken with FIB milled CoPt tip.
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