Thermal Analysis Systems

The SPMC facility has two thermal analysis systems: a differential scanning calorimeter (DSC 204 F1 Phoenix) and a thermogravimetry analysis system (TGA 209 F1 Libra). Both systems operate through a large temperature range -170°C to 600°C for the DSC and 25°C to 1100°C for the TGA. These systems allow users to study and measure various thermal properties of materials such as; glass-transition temperatures, melting temperatures, melting enthalpy, crystallization temperatures, crystallization enthalpy, transition enthalpies, phase transformations, phase diagrams and other thermal properties.

DSC 204 F1 Phoenix

DSC 204 F1 Phoenix

  • Temperature range: -170–600°C
  • Heating/cooling rates: 0.01 - 100 K/min
  • DSC detection limit: 0.1 μW (sensor type dependent)
  • Measurements: Specific Heat, Melting temperatures & melting enthalpy, Crystallization temperatures & crystallization enthalpy, Transition enthalpies , Phase transformations, Phase diagrams
TGA 209 F1 Libra

TGA 209 F1 Libra

  • Temperature Range 25–1100°C
  • Ceramic furnace for fast heating rates (up to 200K/min and high corrosion resistance)
  • High resolution: 0.1 μg
  • Wide measuring range: 2 g
  • Fast cool down due to water-cooled furnace